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Coping Text from A pdf to indesign
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Is there a way to copy the text from a pdf and keep the fonts tabs etc. when placed in indesign? Im sure theres a way but i cant find it.
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Not really.
You're going to pretty much get what you get, when you copy/paste from a PDF.
Since the PDF is never the original doc, the word processing capabilities are limited.
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However, if you have full Acrobat AND the PDF is unsecured you might do better by Exporting the PDF as a Microsoft Word document and then placing the Word document into InDesign instead.

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I tried Terry's approach out of curiosity, cuz I've never done it before. Pretty slick. However, I did notice some anomalies. Though it does import the text and fonts that were used, when placed in ID, it loses the page layout, including non-import of photo images, some text formatting/and placement is lost (the font, and size will be correct - but, leading or line-spacing, tracking, etc. are not retained).

I recently took the following approach. I was forced into recreating 4 ID files, that I had lost. I did have the original PDF versions however. Perhaps, this scheme may work for you. Here are my steps:
• Opened the PDF in Acrobat
• Went to File/Properties/Description to obtain the document size
• Then to Fonts in File/Properties to get the list of embedded font names
• Once I got the properties I needed, I closed the window, but left the PDF open in Acrobat
• Launched ID, created a new doc, to the acquired size
• Placed the PDF onto its own layer, reduced its transparency to about 25%, to use as a template (and locked the layer)
• I created new separate blank layers - one for text, one for photos, and one for guides
• I created some guides on the guides layer, for positioning the eventual pasted text and photos
• Went back to Acrobat - selected the text (the entire story, like 4 columns) - and copied it
• Back to InDesign - dragged a new text box (in the text layer), and pasted the text (once pasted, I formatted the text, based on the font info that I obtained from the PDF's properties - and, had the template layer for reference).
• To get the photos - back to Acrobat - crop one of the photos, and I exported just the photo as a tiff - Saved As to name the photo - Make sure NOT to save the original PDF, as it would be overwritten (to be safe, you could duplicate the original PDF before you start).
• Back to InDesign - place the newly cropped Tiff
• Same process for other photos or objects

I did all this using ID and Acrobat CS3.

I hope this helps. And, or maybe a combination of Terry's approach and some of what I related.
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