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Airport Settings

I have a new (2nd gen) Airport Express 802.11n router connected to an Comcast SMC cablemodem in the basement, where my internet comes into the house. I also have an Airport Extreme (802.11n, circa 2009) upstairs and connected to the Express only wirelessly. I also have an iMac 24" (still running OS 10.7.2) in another location of the house which needs to connect to the network.

In setting up the routers from factory settings, I've been having the following issues/problems:

1) I cannot set up the routers via Airport Utility on the Mac (get an "Unexpected error - please try again")

2) I can set up the routers via my iPhone 4S (not under Airport utility [which hangs] but under Wi-Fi settings [which recognizes a new Airport base station needing set-up]), and can only set up the Express in bridge mode.

So my questions are:

1) Why will Airport utility not work to set up the routers?

2) It seems I do not have the option to set up a guest network. How can I do this?

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1) Make sure your Mac has IPv6 turned on on its Airport card

2) You should have the Extreme connected to the modem and the Express extending it. I don't believe Express supports a guest network, and only the unit connected to the modem can create one.

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