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Can you recommend a GPS unit?
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Garmin 660 for only $398 today ONLY 11/29/07.

This was the GPS I wanted when I bought my Garmin Nuvi 360, but couldn't justify the $200+ price difference. Now it's going for a couple of dollars less than what I paid for my 360 earlier this year! This is a steal!

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Terry really likes the “beanbag” mount for the Garmin. Amazon has a similar mount that will work with ANY gps that has a suction mount. It has good reviews. My vehicle has NO flat surfaces except the windshield; however the 2100 gets fine reception down in my cup holder and I can hear the voice. I prefer to remove the unit from the car when I get out.
Nav-Mat Portable GPS Dash Mount It cost me $23.21 last week, but I see it is now listed at $29.99.
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Thanks, I have been looking for a mount like this for my TomTom.

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I purchased the wide screen version of the Navigon thru Tiger Direct for $120. It worked great on our trip down to Lousiana, Alabama and Mississippi. The computer pronunciation of New Orleans streets gave us many laughs. FYI the AC/USB charger for my wife's Blackberry works fine to charge up the Navigon too. Then the car battery keeps up pretty well. Only thing it couldn't find was Bubba's house in Hernando, MS. It got us to the Wallmart 2 miles away. Not bad for a 3,000 mile trip.
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I got the Garmin nuvi 1490T this summer and completely love it! This is my first GPS unit, so I may be enamored with things other seasoned users are accustomed to. I wanted a 5 inch screen, and really like the Lane Assist with Junction View. This gives you a visual representation of how the merge point will look, and where to be when it comes. I also like how the voice assist gives detailed info during the route: "In .2 miles, turn left on Woodward Ave.". This makes it a lot easier to drive without having to constantly look at the screen.

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