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Blackberry and Powerbook
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Based on some of the posts I've read here, I feel kind of out of the loop in terms of having the latest and greateast but I'm a Blackberry kind o guy. I just got my latest one through Verizon, the 8703e. It's a bit narrower and lighter than my old 7290. It also has a speakerphone so that I don't have to use my bluetooth headset quite as much. So it's a better experience without losing anything but as with every blackberry so far, I have to deal with getting my address book transferred to it. I only go through this process once with each phone and don't use the calendar much so it's an occasional headache.

If you've gotten a blackberry before, you know that the software CD that comes with it only works with Windoze and isn't very easy to use. Over the years, I've used it only as a way to backup my address book so it's not a problem to use my Windows desktop for that purpose. However, I've found myself turning more towards the Macs in my house and this was a turning point. The desktop software for windows is not very easy for me to use. I have to wrestle with it to get it to sync the address book. It seems to be designed as if everyone with a blackberry also has a Palm so if you fit that profile, you seem to be all set. After trying several times (I'm not the most technically skilled here) I finally got the windows software to do the address book and add what is in Outlook to my new blackberry. That's always a source of amusement. Since RLM seems to be so windows-centric, you'd think that syncing it to Outlook would be a breeze but noooooooo. Not a surprise, though, considering the screwball Zune debacle (no, I don't have a Zune but I DO read) Smile

At that point, though, I got mad. I was like 'if RLM had desktop software that worked on a Mac, I'll bet it would be a lot easier!' This actually started when I was pairing the new blackberry to the bluetooth headset. While searching for devices to pair with, the blackberry found my powerbook and my Intel iMac. It would connect to them but big deal since they can't do anything with it. My first thought was 'well sure, that figures, of course the Macs are in the 21st century while microsoft is still back in the 1980s'. Sheesh. So instead of coming here and asking for help right away, I went on the web and did some research.

To my relief, PocketMac has a free version that will sync with a blackberry via a USB cable but at least I now have my address book migrated completely to the Mac and to heck with windows and outlook. And, as I suspected, the Mac version effortlessly sync'd the powerbook's and blackberry's address books.

Just in case this is news to other blackberry users out there:


To download it, you have to go to Blackberry.com
and click on the "Download a copy of PocketMac for BlackBerry" link and fill out a form but that's all there is to it.

I also found that Pulse has a piece of software that will allow the blackberry and your bluetooth-enabled computer to sync via bluetooth. It will cost you $50. It has your blackberry act as a dial-up networking modem. It's been tested with the 7290, 8700g and 8703e models and has the warning/recommendation that "Pulse is only recommended for unlimited bandwidth accounts such as T-Mobile's Blackberry Unlimited Add-On Service." I'm going to pass on that one but the link is http://brainmurmurs.com/products/pulse/index.php

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