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New Mac Books
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Are there any rumours on new MacBooks coming?
Larger HD s ,, faster chips?
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Of course. Just like at the movies. "Always is coming something better."
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This site is pretty good at predicting when is a good time to buy or when updated models are expected based on previous releases and when a particular product was updated:

When to Buy a Mac....

Although MacBooks are too new:

Product: MacBook
Last Release: May 16, 2006
Days Since Update: 156 (Average = 0)
Recommendation: No historical data available.
Special Notes: none.

It says the MacBook Pro will be updated soon:

Product: MacBook Pro
Last Release: April 24, 2006
Days Since Update: 178 (Average = 104)
Recommendation: Don't Buy - Updates soon
Special Notes: none.

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