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ipod touch question
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Although I don't have an ipod touch I was wondering if someone from the group could answer a couple of questions for me. If one wants to go to a sensitive site that requires a password, for example a banking site, how easy would it be for someone to steal your password if you're at an unsecure location, say a coffee shop? Also, if you want to get online where a password is required, say your home connection, can you do that with the ipod touch in the same way you can with a regular laptop? In other words, if you have the password can it be saved on the touch so you don't have to reenter the password each time you go to the site?
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I can get on many sites that I am a member of (ie: MacGroup Detroit iBBS) via my iPhone and I've yet to have any password stolen. For someone to steal your password, they would have to be looking over your shoulder while you type it in.

Of course someone will probably find a way in the future, so a bit of caution would be a good thing. I don't think I would do my banking online at a coffee shop or public library but some people do.

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If we're talking a wi-fi connection, it would be very feasible for someone to sniff the packets and collect data. If you're logging on to an incrypted site, it makes it harder, but not impossible. The best advice is to NOT login to senstive sites on public networks (doesn't matter if it's an iPod touch or other computer).

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Thanks for all the input. Great having such a wonderful group of people giving helpful advice.
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I didn't get the new iPhone and this 2.0 is driving me crazy.

I have yet to have macgroups calendars sent to my iPhone. I have everything turned to yes. I even entered new things on the iPhone calendar only to have them disappear seconds later!
It's driving me crazy...

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You can't subscribe to a calendar on the iPhone. You can't get the MacGroup calendar on your phone. You can only get it on your Mac.

If you want subscribed calendars, you have to turn off "push" and sync with your phone up.

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