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Does Android drop calls on AT&T?
Jedi Knight
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I see you stayed with AT&T. Do you experience dropped phone calls? Did you experience dropped calls, while on your iPhone? I'm just wondering if there is any difference.
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Jedi Knight
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I have been with ATT for many years now (well before the iphone came out originally), and I don't have issues with their reception on any phone I've used, EXCEPT the iPhone! My 1st gen iPhone, which I got after a year of the phone being out, my iPhone 3G and my 3GS all had reception issues. I never tried the iPhone4. I've sat at places with my family (4 phones on one ATT family plan), all have full bars, and my iphone(s) never rang when somebody called. Yet when I didn't answer, the caller called somebody else in my family and, Voila, ring ring - the other phone rang no problem. I've had similar experience making calls.

Now, to answer your question: I've yet to drop a call with my Samsung Galaxy S Android phone with ATT service - that appears to be my reception... What I mean is that I have had dropped calls but only to others who've later told me they went through a dead-spot. My reception on this phone is 10x better than the 3GS, which was (IMO) the best iPhone to-date.

People brag about Verizon, and I've found that their service isn't perfect either. I think that once V gets the iPhone (rumored in 2011), there will be much griping about then too about poor service - especially customer service.

One thing I've always liked about GSM phones is that if my phone breaks, I simply move the SIM to another GSM phone and get service. With V, you'll have to have a CS agent to the switch for you - and usually at a $18.99 "transfer" fee (at least that what it was last I checked when my contract was up in Aug when I decided to stay with ATT.

I really like Android. My complaint at this point is that the carriers are starting to BLOCK downloads to the phone either directly or through the Market Place, like Apple does controlling installs to the iphone. Android is an open plantform and the carriers should allow me to install apps at my will - that's one of the reasons I switched.

Hope that helps!
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