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I'm taking a PS class at Washtenaw CC
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Well, I'm biting the bullet and starting a class in Photoshop at Washtenaw CC. This class should make me focus on projects, as I learn the in's and out of Photoshop. My question is should I sign up for Kelby Training to supplement the classes of just use the freebie stuff on the net.
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I hope you don't think one class is going to make you a Photoshop "pro". It can take years to get there.

What version are you working with at home?

It can never hurt to have as many options as possible. If you were to join NAPP you would get the magazine (Photoshop User) free and have access to all of the free training that is available, and there is quite a bit of it.
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I would not go ahead with choosing additional training until you have finished your class at WCC. Kelby Training is awesome. However, you might consider NAPP membership as a better next step since many of the freebies are by Kelby and associates.

And, NAPP membership gives access to discounts on many interesting items, including Adobe software.

Then go on to select appropriate training for pay, with Kelby Training at the top of the list.

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Let us know how it goes: the lab its workstations and computers, the instructor and the exercises, does he work with you in real time or do you work from your book, homework, what's covered, etc. and whether you feel you are grasping it all. I think most of us would be interested in your impressions. Thanks.
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Regardless where you take the initial class, it will only be as good as the instructor. In any event, you should at least get the basics. Beyond that, it's whatever you are comfortable with, and what will yield the best results for you. As mentioned, NAPP and Kelby training are certainly excellent options beyond the initial class.

Photoshop is one of the deepest programs in existence. Depending on what level of proficiency you hope to obtain, be ready to spend lots of time - not only with supplemental instruction, but extensive experimentation on your own (in a pinch you can find answers to specific questions by using the Help menu). Tons of info online too.

To complicate matters, consider whether you are going to use Photoshop for print or web, or both. Depending on your goals and usages, also consider learning Illustrator and some of the other Adobe Suite of programs. They are highly integrated, and each piece of software offers it's own benefits in conjunction with Photoshop. Ex: create vector-graphics in Illustrator, and bring them into Photoshop. Though you can certainly draw and edit vector parts in Photoshop, doing so in Illustrator is more proficient and more feature rich for vector art. Photoshop, though deep and extensive, is not a catch-all program.

I've been using Photoshop on a professional level for well over 15 years, going back to version 4 I think. Not CS4 - version 4. In spite of my extensive use with Photoshop over the years, on a constant basis, I still don't know everything there is to know. If you are avid about learning it, your time spent will be rewarded. It'll be like eating peanuts - you won't be able to stop.

One last option to consider. Private instructions - if you can find someone experienced that is willing to offer them to you at a reasonable price. Once you get to a certain level of proficiency, a private tutor can offer the benefits of one-on-one training relating and focused on the questions that you have.
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