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MacGroup Detroit PhotoWalk #2
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MacGroup Detroit PhotoWalk II
Saturday October 15th from 9:00AM to 12:00PM

MacGroup members only are eligible to enter photos and participate in the prize competition. If space permits non-members may participate in the PhotoWalk.
The group will be limited to the first 35 people to sign up.

Send registration email to Brian.Stone@mail.com.

Specify member or non-member.

Category - Professional or Amateur (see below).

Include a phone number and the email address you prefer for communication.

Please advise if you’re unable to attend so others may take your place.

In case of rain on Saturday the 15th the walk will be rescheduled for Sunday the 16th at the same time.

The walk will take place at Carpenter Lake Park and Nature area on the South side of 10 Mile Road (just East of Inkster Road) in Southfield, MI.

Paved Parking Lot
No restroom facilities
No admission charge to the facility.
Nature Trails with signage
Numerous Benches within the park
Some Wooden Walkways with Stairs and Railings
Lake with a Dam
Large Meadow Area
Canadian Geese, Mallard Ducks, Squirrels and an occasional Deer
Wild Flowers

The photos entered by MacGroup Members that participate in the walk must be taken at the designated time and location that is selected for the PhotoWalk.

Your images may show wildlife in its natural habitat, plant life, natural landscapes, weather or people interacting with nature.

All photographs should accurately reflect the subject matter and the scene as it appeared, (was photographed). There is no problem with the removal of a distracting minor element... the proverbial telephone/electrical wire or a blade of grass. You cannot combine elements from multiple photos, i.e. an insect or bird (for example) that was captured as one image and then added to another image.

Please keep in mind that this is a photography competition not a Photoshop competition.

Photos should not be digitally altered beyond standard optimization i.e. the removal of dust, cropping, adjustments to exposure, color and contrast, etc.

Multiple exposures that have been combined to produce a single "High Dynamic Range" image are acceptable.

Photos submitted can be color or black & white.

Images that do not meet these requirements may or may not be judged.

The photo judging will be divided into two categories:

Professional and Amateur.

Professional being anyone selling their photos and/or making income from their photography.

Amateur being hobby photographers.

MacGroup members will be the judges for the photo contest and the judging will be done online.

The photos must not have the photographers name visible on them, such as BrianStone.psd, or jpg.

A maximum of one photo per photographer can be submitted.

All entries must be sent to Brian.Stone@mail.com by the 7th of November.

Photos will be assigned a number and any MacGroup member in good standing will be able to vote for their favorite photo.

The viewing of entered photos will take place on the web and MacGroup Detroit members will be notified where to view them and when they will be available for voting.

First place will be the one that gets the most votes in each category, second and third place will be the photos that accumulate the second and third highest vote count respectively.

Brian Stone 248-546-9339
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No Prize List?

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