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I'm at wits end
Jedi Knight
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Since my business failed and I tried a new avenue to success, driving a truck, I find myself deeply in debt, next to homeless, unable to pay my rent, cellular phone bill and barely buy the groceries. Many of you know how well I work with computers (macintosh in particular) and what kind of person I am.

I'm hoping someone out there based on their knowledge of me has a position open or knows of one that they could recommend me for.

I've just about given up. this is just too much to deal with.

Please respond here or via email. I have no phone anyomore.

Never see a doctor whose office plants have died.
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What are your salary requirements? Can you post some of your skills?

Ignorance breeds fear and fear breeds stupidity. Knowledge is the key to overcoming your fears

The only fish in a stream that just "go with the flow" are the dead ones
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Bill have you check out Chuck Freedman's posting for talent.


I don't know if it's a fit but what the heck.

Calvin Carson


"portions of todays programming are reproduced by means of electrical transcriptions or tape recordings."

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"I was exposed to the GUI and have been stuck ever since!"

"Remember.. Under our clothes...we are all naked"
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Picture of Mary Jo Disler
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Just a whim - Have you tried Google in Ann Arbor, or U of Mich Human Resources? They have been highly Mac oriented for many years. (Steve Jobs even shipped NEXt computers there for testing during that era nearly 20 years ago.)

Google's participation in digitizing the U of M Library comes to mind.

What about advertising agencies around town that may use Macs for production?

You've probably tried everything, but we'll feed the idea mill a bit. Sometimes the obvious escapes us as a solution.

"For what is age but youth's full bloom,
A riper, more transcendent youth" - Oliver Wendell Holmes
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have you looked into Mac Professionals or Mac Solutions?


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I might be able to throw some Mac work your way on a part time basis (or more, we'll see). Drop me a line at my work email address:



Reaching The World, One Song At A Time™
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Have you looked at comcast.com. Whenever I call, with a question or problem with my broadband service, their tech support people seem to be located just west of Ann Arbor.I asked the guy if he knew if they were looking for people and he suggested you look on the website. He seemed to be quite well versed in Mac.
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