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Spinning disk
Jedi Knight
A musician friend of mine lives in Chicago and is a novice mac user. He called me complaining that each time he goes from an email to email in Mail that he keeps getting the spinning ball for a short period of time. He's on OS X Jaguar I think. I get the cat's mixed up but the first in line....anyway.....any ideas I can have him try to get him off my back......he's really a good guy....but Jazz musicians....some should stay away from computers.....


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Not enough info to go on here.

What Mac? How much memory? What version of the OS? How many e-mail in the inbox?

He can find out the version and memory by going to the Apple menu and clicking on "About This Mac". Clicking on the "more Info" button on the screen that comes up will give the Machine Name and Machine Model.

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FWIW, if he bought a stock computer, he probably needs more memory. We had a newbie at the meeting Sunday with a MacBook Pro with only 512 megs of RAM. She was having screen redraw problems as well as beachballs.

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