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I took delivery of my new Mac Pro today, and all is not going well. I was eager to take advantage of the Migration Assistant, and so I connected a FireWire 400 cable before starting the new machine, and I also restarted my old G4 (running O/S 10.4.10) in FireWire Transfer Mode.

I selected all the boxes for information to be transferred, and I believe I caught a brief glimpse of a notice that said "FireWire connection established" or something similar, and then the screen of the Mac Pro's monitor went to a Transferring Information screen with a blank progress bar at the bottom. I was expecting to see the blue progress bar advance, but when nothing happened I reflected that "A watched pot never boils" and so I left the room for 55 minutes.

When I returned, the G4 still had the yellow FireWire symbol dancing on the blue background, but the Mac Pro had gone to sleep. When I brought it back up, there was still the same Transferring Information screen, and the progress bar was still blank.

I had been plugged into a FireWire hub connected to my G4, so I rebooted the Mac Pro and went through the Welcome introduction, and when it came to the Migration instructions, I instead plugged the cable directly into the back of the G4, restarted a second time in FireWire Transfer Mode, and when the Transferring Information screen came on, I left the room for about 20 minutes.

This time, the Mac Pro did not go to sleep, but no progress was seen in the progress bar even after an hour-and-a-half. Putting my ear to the new computer, it sounded like the hard drive was making a typical activity noise, but I think that an hour-and-a-half is enough time to transfer 50 GB using FireWire. What's wrong?

On the plus side, not having a computer available has allowed me time to catch up on my reading.
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Never mind. After setting up my new Mac without first migrating, I found the Migration Assistant in the Utilities folder, and it worked much better, only I found that the estimated time of transferring all files is 4 hours.

I'll let it migrate overnight.
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25 hours after taking delivery of my Mac Pro, I almost have it set up. After numerous attempts at using the Migration Assistant from the startup screen failed, I went ahead and registered the new computer anew, then used the Migration Assistant to transfer my old data. Unfortunately, this gave me two user accounts, and I had to change my name for the account with all my data, as there couldn't be two accounts with the same name and same password.

I was also stumped by the problem of how to get rid of the other (new) account which was now the administrator. You may snicker that such a change is, in fact, child's play, but I instead erased the hard drive and reinstalled the operating system in hope that I could then use the Migration Assistant without first setting up a new account.

This hope did not materialize, so I called Apple Care where the young fellow was clueless as to how to solve my problem. I then made the fatal error of offering a suggestion. As I had always updated my software as soon as now versions were introduced, perhaps the problem was that the Migration Assistant on the new Mac, which ironically must have an older version of the operating system, did not recognize System 10.4.10 on my G4. The young fellow had been about to leave and find someone competent for guidance, but he immediately embraced my suggestion as the certain cause of the problem.

After I hung up, I realized that since everyone is supposed to update to the latest software on a regular basis, theoretically no one would be able to use the Migration Assistant – unless, of course, they nabbed a machine with the latest O/S directly off the assembly line.

After being up all night, I suppose my judgment had become enfeebled, and I was seized with a brilliant idea. Before embarking on any migration, I had dutifully done a complete back-up from my G4 to an external hard drive. Since this data was available in case of emergency, this –after 20 hours of frustration– was a genuine emergency. So using my G4 as a hub and putting the Mac Pro into FireWire Transfer mode, I had Super Duper transfer all my data from the external hard drive to the Mac Pro. That way, I'd have my datacake and eat it too.

How was I to know that this would write over the Mac Pro's operating system? It was a moment of nostalgia as I saw the old file-with-a-question-mark icon that I hadn't seen since System 8.5. By this time, computer fatigue had really set in, which was fortunate in that it prevented me from finding how high the Mac Pro would bounce from a second-story window. Instead, I again reinstalled the operating system, forgetting to do a custom install that would not add the myriad of printer drivers and demo software, but to my amazement, when the installation was complete, the Migration Assistant worked in the Welcome screen. Instead of a blank progress bar, I got a barber's stripe, and the transfer of data took far less than the forecast 4 hours.

My software update download is now complete, so I must leave you as I venture off to find what new pitfall my Mac Pro has in store for me.

Cheers! Love y'all!
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Kudos to you for your tenacity, patience and logic. I'm glad this had a wonderful ending. At least it's nice to know that in a SOUND operating system such as OSX...... that the ZEN of chronology eventually finds the PATH. I've learned a lot from your posting. Enjoy your Mac Book Pro.

If one beholds the sublime in art - one can view Mac as an artform!
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