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Don't Blame the Post Office
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Two minor problems with my Mail 2.1.1 that I hope someone can help me with.

On my old G4, I would wake up in the morning, turn on the Mac, then go brush my teeth (or whatever) and by the time I returned, the computer would be up and running, and my new E-mail messages would be waiting for my perusal, because I have Mail in the Start-Up items.

Now, however, Mail opens automatically, but instead of the number of unread messages displayed in a circle next to the Inbox, the circle instead shows a jagged line, and no messages have been retrieved from the server.

I must then click on the circle with the line, at which a dialogue drops down asking me if I wish to go on line. Of course I do, so I click on that, become connected and manually check for new messages. Now this is not exactly a horrible burden I must endure each morning, but it wasn't at all necessary on my G4.

I've looked in Mail's preferences, but I see nothing there which would automatically take Mail on line and check for messages upon opening. What to do?

The second problem I have with Mail is that much of the time the Search field does not work. This becomes annoying while composing a message, and I want to refer to something in a previous message. Let's say I want to mention some feature of Safari that someone wrote me about. I should be able to type Safari in the Viewer's Search field, and instantly all messages containing the word Safari should pop up.

In practice, they don't. No matter what the search criterion is –All Mail Boxes?, Entire Message?– or what word what word I type in – Mac, Mike, maybe, maculate, mambo – the search field always says "0 Found." Unless . . .

Unless I close the message I'm writing, quit Mail, then reopen Mail. I do that and the Search works fine and provides plenty of results.

This, of course, is highly annoying, and I often lose the train of thought of the message I'd started. Having to manually go on line in the first problem is but a trifle. Losing the search function in Mail is a drag.
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Keith, it's possible that Mail is loading before the computer is completely up and on line. It times out fairly fast. I don't know of any way around it other than writing some sort of script that delays the launch of Mail until the entire system is up. Why not just put the computer to sleep at night, rather than powering down completely? The only time I shut down completely is during a power outage.

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Grasping at straws..
After selecting a mailbox, try using the "Rebuild" function. It's the last item under the "Mailbox" main menubar pulldown. Can't hurt, regardless.

Go to System Preferences>Spotlight. Make sure the checkbox for "Mail" item in the list is ticked. If it is, try unchecking and rechecking it.

That's all I've got Smile
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