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Blog applications or ???
Is there an alternative to blog software for functions like our MacGroup iBBS that is good, free, and user-friendly? If so, what do I search for? listserve programs? or ??

I need software to make it easy for a team and leader with whom I have a period of intensive contact in a workshop to keep learning from me and from each other after our workshop. I plan to offer this service for 30 days after a workshop.

I want software that enables any member of the team to post a question or topic. I want other members of the team to be able to respond, and of course I want to be able to respond and initiate topics.

At the moment I want to set up this learning site for nine clients plus me. In the future I would like to be able to set it up for 20-50 people plus me.

Our MacGroup Detroit iBBS site is one model I like. I don't need anything nearly as extensive, but the fact that everyone can post and everyone can respond is the model I want.

I started out thinking I needed blog software. However, I believe most blog software is designed to make it easy for one person to post positions or stories rather than for many people to be able to post positions or stories that get equal status and visibility.

I looked at the September 2006 entries on Blogs in the MacGroup iBBS, which I found by searching in iBBS for blog. I plan to check out Blogger, Shutterbug and LiveJournal more fully today. I like the fact that MacGroup members have found them useful.

On the Apple Discussion site I read bunches of questions about problems people have with use of iWeb as blog software. The number and type problems people were having leave me wary of it. However, I also liked how I saw Terry use iWeb in his first year of his Tech Blog.

Whatever I use must be very simple for busy leaders to use. Some of them have little interest in technology, but they are interested in learning more about the skills I have taught them.

So my question: is there dependable, low-cost or free software other than blog software that is easy to use that would fit my needs? Thanks for any suggestions you have.

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Joomla is very powerful, free and open source. Although I'm not sure how easily a novice could set it up.

If your not looking for anything too extensive, I would say your idea of looking into a ready made site like Blogger is your best bet.

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Blogging software is not the answer. Blogging (as you have discovered) is primary for one-to-many publishing of information. You're looking for a "discussion board" or "forum".

Not sure about free ones, however, the first place I would start would be here.

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Check out Blogger too. It's used for group collaboration blogs by a lot of the knitting groups. You can set it up with one or two people as administrators. They, in turn, add others who are allowed to post.

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Thanks Paul, Terry and Phyllis. Paul and Terry, your suggestions help me to be sure I am looking for something other than a typical blog set-up.

Phyllis, your pointing to Blogger usefully reminds me that when I looked at it a few days ago after reading the September 06 iBBS on blogs, there was something called "discussion groups," if I remember correctly. That barely got my attention then.

Now that I have done a lot of google and ask searching with the topics Terry suggested this afternoon, I am guessing there is value in Blogger that I missed when I looked at it a day or two ago. Thanks for bringing blogger to the front of my search agenda again, Phyllis. I value the fact that you have used it.

If anybody else has experience with software to create your own secure, easy-to-use discussion groups, please let me know.

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