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Blinking amber light
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I can't figure out why the amber light on my Airport Extreme is flashing yet it still works. When I first set it up it went from flashing amber to solid green. All was working well for a few days then the solid green went away and we have a flashing amber again. My router (Airport Extreme) still works fine. If I power cycle it, it goes back to solid green for a few days then back to flashing amber. I repeat everything seems to be working fine. I have a MBP, MacBook and a MacPro plus an iPhone on the system all work fine with the amber light flashing on the Airport Extreme.I checked and they are all on my network.

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The amber flashing light on an Airport Extreme is a request for attention, not necessarily for an error condition. There may be a software update available. The current software (firmware) version for recent Airport Extremes is 7.7.8.

Launch Airport Utility and click on the Airport Extreme icon. The resulting status popup should indicate the reason for the amber alert.

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