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Time Machine problem
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After updating my 7 year old iMac to El Capitan, I've developed a problem with Time Machine. I've looked online and see others are having a similar problem but no one has a solution, so I thought maybe someone at MacGroup could help. My Time Machine no longer automatically updates. I can manually update by clicking Update Time Machine Now. I've tried turning Time Machine off and on in Preferences to no avail. I'm not even sure it really is turning Off since Time Machine in the Menu bar indicates it's still on. In addition, the Time Machine icon is a generic yellow rather than the teal color it should have.So, does anyone have a suggestion on how to get Time Machine going again. I suppose I can just continue to update manually until Apple comes out with a solution in a future update.
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One option would be to try a new hard drive and see if it shows up as green. Another would be to wipe the existing Time Machine HD and start over fresh.

With the price of external Hard Drives being so affordable, I would start that way. Then you could have 2 backups and take that drive to an off-site location.

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