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Touch Bar
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I probably will want to get a newer laptop within the next year. What are the pros and cons of the new Touch Bar? Do you think Apple will keep this on their laptops? It seems they have laptops with and without Touch Bar available. Why would I want one with a Touch Bar?
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Why a Touch Bar? Here are some reactions from MacGroup Detroit members:

Cutler: https://www.macintouch.com/for...4&pid=31215#pid31215
Reti: https://www.macintouch.com/for...4&pid=31299#pid31299
Hunter: http://macgroup.infopop.cc/eve...077051986#4077051986
Hunter: http://macgroup.org/blog/2018/...ky-users-point-view/

I've pretty much made my peace with the trackpad by now. I really like and use Touch ID, both on the MacBook Pro and my iPhone.
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I also like and use the Touch ID button.
The Touch Bar, meh.
Kind of useful, actually, at times (see the intelligent and informative remarks Jim has cited). I would not choose a particular machine only because of that feature, though. My MB Pro has the set of all the features I wanted; the Touch Bar happened to be part of the deal.
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