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AirPlay video stutter
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Not sure if this is a hardware or software issue.
MacBookPro 15" w/dual GPUs. (Intel 3000 & ATI Radeon 6750), Apple TV 3d gen, Apple AirPort Extreme wifi router.
I have been trying to use AirPlay to occasionally flip video streams up to the TV screen via AppleTV. Video sources from different sites, YouTube, program providers etc via Safari. Activate AirPlay, go Full Screen, Display Prefs set to mirror desktop.
Video via AirPlay varies from acceptably "normal" to extremely stuttery and choppy, with video often freezing and unfreezing. Audio is ok until a full freeze. Video on Mac screen is smooth, no hiccups.
The same source material, via AirPlay using an iPad Air 2, is consistently without error. This happens whether the Mac is the only device actively using the wifi LAN or there are other devices in use. I'd use the iPad all the time except a few of the sites have not migrated away from Flash.
Ideas or suggestions to improve this performance?

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Char and I each have MacBook Pros, Mine is a Mid 2012 and hers is a newer 15" Retina display model. When we use AirPlay to our 4th Gen Apple TV we always use an Ethernet cable connection to the nearest Switch because otherwise we also get a choppy/stuttery playback. Wirelessly never seems to work well.
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I had considered that as a solution, but not practical as the TV viewing room is downstairs, and the cable modem and Airport Extreme are upstairs, and on the opposite side of the house. No good path to run CAT-5 except around the lower rooms and up the steps.
I also tried putting the laptop on the 5GHz feed and the AppleTV on 2.4GHZ, and vice-versa. Made no difference.
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