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Windows VS Mac
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I have promised a recent widow that I will help her with her wish to make prints from her husband’s photos of their last trip together in Sicily. PROBLEM: We put the photos on a portable hard drive formatted by her Windows computer. My new Mac (OS10.12.2) refuses to “see” the HD. So, having made a promise to help her, I ordered a cheap HP Windows computer - hoping I can get the HD to show up on the HP. If that succeeds, will I be able to transfer the photos (saved as TIFFs) to a Mac formatted thumb drive? I haven’t touched a Windows machine in over eight years. Any ideas about a workable solution?
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I checked with an Apple Consultant friend of mine and he thinks the problem is Sierra. Try the drive on another machine running El Capitan or lower and that should do it. If you do not have that combination available call me as I do. If you bring it over.



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I'd bet that you have a bad or damaged external drive. My iMac running the latest OS has no problem seeing or reading files on thumb drives from my Dell. I think you need special software for Windows to see and interact with a Mac formatted drive. It won't mount automatically, like Windows discs on Mac.

The easiest thing might be creating a DropBox account and moving the tiffs to that folder. You'll then be able to access them from any computer.

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Format the thumb drive as FAT32, not NTFS. NTFS is supposed to be readable by Macs (but not writable) but FAT32 is more likely to be read successfully. If you had formatted the original drive as FAT32 you would most likely have been ok.

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I concur with Jack. Go that route first.

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