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Upgrade to MoJave?
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I have an older MBP running High Sierra and wonder if this machine will run MoJave. Is it compatible and how much will it slow down . Also what's the deal about 64 bit v. 32 bit systems. My MBP is running 10.13.6 and it is a 15" Mid 2012 vintage. Processor 2.3 GHs Intel Core i7.

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Your 2012 15" MacBook Pro can handle Mojave.

The December 2018 MGD meeting will be all about Mojave and my experience upgrading to it. Hope you can join us to learn more.

I do wonder if your MBP has enough Memory/RAM to run 10.14/Mojave. Does yours have the Optical Disk Drive or is it the Retina MBP? My suggestion is to have a minimum of 8gb of Memory/RAM installed to enjoy the new OS comfortably.

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The other topic is spinning HD vs SSD. If you don't already have an SSD, you might consider updating to an SSD. Mojave, like High Sierra, is written to take advantage of SSD performance.

Memory can be easily upgraded to 16GB as well.
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Depending on how you will be using the computer, I would strongly suggest that you consider increasing the amount of memory over 8 gig. If you don't use a lot of apps concurrently then 8 should be fine.

Good Luck

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George's Laptop has 16GB of ram and I installed a 1TB Samsung SSD and a new OWC battery on Friday. He had already done an upgrade to High Sierra.

It works very well and he is very happy with it.
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Thanks Brian. I have 16GB and a 1TB ssd in my MacBookPro also. So now I will not hesitate to upgrade.
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