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Just recently I have created a website using iWeb. It is a wonderful program and pretty easy to set up. However, I have discovered that once I have my photos on display, I cannot prevent anyone from downloading them. Is there a way to prevent your pictures from being downloaded?
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If you put content on the web - with any program - people can download it. They have to in order to see it - all web browsers are downloading the content on the pages. You can make it more difficult for people, but you can't stop them.

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you can stop it from being so easy by changing your Photo options in the inspector as I have below:

However, as Jack and I have stated before, if you don't want something to be capture, stolen, borrowed, then don't put it on the web. If they can see it, they could always make a screen capture of it.

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I concur with Jack & Terry, in that you can't prevent people from downloading/stealing your photos. But, depending on what your concerns are, you may be able to do a few things to make them less useful - or, make someone think twice before they do so.

• First - Copyright the site and it's contents (adding it to just the home page will suffice - or you could even add it to the footer of every site page). It's as simple as just adding a Copyright mark and short statement. That way, if you ever notice that someone stole it, you have legal recourse.

• You could also add a small Copyright on each of the photos (though it can obviously cropped off, or retouched out).

• Depending on the intent of showing your photos, and IF you don't mind doing this - you could ghost large type over the image. It makes is less appealing to steal, because it would require extensive retouching to make it useable.

• Lastly, don't include large images at large resolutions. Obviously, many people steal images for use on the web - but, some people steal them with the attempt to print them and frame them. I've seen many sites where larger views of images were made available, at large sizes and print resolutions. If you must include unaltered images, only make them as large as you need them to view well, optimize them for the lowest resolution and quality, while still retaining a balance as a good onscreen image. If someone downloads it, and attempts to print it, the results won't be that good.
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Thank you. I found Terry White's info most helpful in my case. I don't want to make it easy to download my pictures. However, if someone thinks my pictures are that great that they will go to the time and trouble to figure out a way to hack into them, well they're welcome to them. In a way it would be a high complement. Quite frankly, my pictures are okay, but they're not that great. Thank all of you for your responses.
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