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Streaming TV?
I'm trying to do this quickly, and google is not helping me. I found a website, watch2stream, that has live coverage of football. I can play it on my MacBook Pro osx 10.6.4 using safari. I would like to play it on the TV, but don't seem to have the right cables. I have hdmi and other USB and video camera connectors, but must need something else? Is there any way to get that website through our Roku box? What would you do? I really want to watch the rose bowl tomorrow, and we don't have satellite tv.
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I use Roku for streaming Netflix, etc. However, I am almost positive that Roku does not support connections to Internet Sites per se. Though Roku has the capability to connect to Facebook, Roku does not have a built-in Web Browser. Your best bet may be to try connecting your MacBook Pro to your TV and using it as a monitor. I can't be much help there, but perhaps someone else may see your post in time to offer some help.
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Thanks! I thought that might be the case. I will be a little old school and listen to the radio. I think I can get the broadcast using iheart radio (new school)!
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If you grab an Apple TV you can Airplay the stream from your Mac to your TV via the Apple TV.

This requires a compatible Mac and Mac OS X 10.8 OR the Airparrot App

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