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Recording Help Needed
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On the evening of April 24, the Ypsilanti Community Band will perform one of my compositions -- a genuine, authentic, blue-eyed-Gringo Mariachi piece titled, The Story of the Five Joaquins. (An MP3 of my MIDI rendition of the piece can be heard at my SibeliusMusic page.)

I've never heard or seen the band, but they seem to be a sophisticated ensemble, so I'd really like a recording of my piece -- especially as (a.) I've never heard my music performed live before, and (b.) the major publishers will only consider a submission that's accompanied by a recording of a live performance. Unfortunately, the director of the Ypsilanti Band informs me that they don't do recordings. He then vaguely suggested hiring a major studio, &¢.

I thus need someone to record either the performance or a rehearsal (which I'd prefer, as it'd eliminate the audience noise) of the band. I'd do it myself, but (a.) I don't own a Mac laptop (I suppose I could rent a PC laptop from the Rent-A-Center), and (b.) I own only one good microphone, a Shure PE35H, which does not work well with my Griffin iMic (I assume due to impedance miss-match).

All I'd want is a two-microphone stereo recording done in GarageBand or the equivalent. The only trouble is, being a starving unknown composer (think Schubert, but without the talent), I can't afford to pay much. I would, however, be willing to negotiate on a price which would include a trade of a Fireface 400 input-output interface that I purchased from Sweetwater last year, but have never used.

Is there anyone in the group who is willing and able to assist me in my hour of need?
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These may not be the best mics for the kind recording you want, but I have a pair of Shure SM58 wireless mics you can use. These mics are used mostly for voice. I also have a pair of mic stands and a Mac G4 PowerPC. The mic recievers have XLR connectors, so they would probably work with your Fireface 400. And, if I read correctly, using the Fireface, you may not need the G4.

Do you have permission to record the band in rehearsal or performance?

Call or email me.

Bill Wilson

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