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iTunes How Can I add non-music files to CD burn?
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How can I add some non-music files to my -about-to-be-buned CD using iTunes?

WOuld like to burn a CD with, say, 5 music selections and ALSO include some text files, etc. on the same CD for access from a computer.

I would like to use iTunes (I have OSX 10.6.2).

Thank you
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You need to use a program like Toast to do that. iTunes only burns audio CDs.

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Toast 6 calls this an "Enhanced Audio CD," or "Mixed Mode." [Haven't checked on the Toast 10 interface.]
I wrote a MG newsletter article about this in some detail in 2005 [that long ago?!], as I did one as a sample for a music publisher friend.

In Toast Titanium 6, select "Audio," then "Enhanced Audio CD" or "Mixed Mode CD."

Don't know if the current version of Toast (v10) makes it easier, but there was a trick to getting it to work properly back in '05.

To quote from my article:
The basic method in Toast is simple:
1. Select the Audio tab
2. In the Disc Settings panel, select Advanced, then Enhanced Audio CD.
3. Add the audio tracks to the Audio pane.
 Select the title text “My CD” to enter your title for the audio.
4. Switch to the Data tab, and add data file(s). Enter a title for the Data as usual. (I’ll explain below why the titles are important.)
5. HERE’S THE “TRICK”: Before burning, be SURE to switch back to the Audio tab. (They don’t tell you this in the documentation for v.6.) If the burn is selected from the Data tab, it will burn ONLY the data - not the audio. When the burn is initiated from the Audio tab, Toast will display a progress bar for two sessions – one for audio and a second for the data. Toast automatically completes both sessions.
After burning, interesting things happen: iTunes will open, indicating the integrity of the audio burn. And 2 volumes appear on the desktop - one for the audio and one for the data. Each has the title you entered for it in Toast - thus the importance of entering titles for both data & audio. After ejecting the CD, you can see the 2 burn segments on the data side of the CD. When the CD is loaded into a player, the audio will play normally. When loaded into a computer, the audio can play through iTunes, and the data is available normally.
Personally never tried what Toast calls "Mixed Mode."
When an Enhanced CD is put into an audio player, it plays the music tracks.
When opened on a computer, it makes the data available.

Once in a long while you might find one of these in commercial CD's, but you may need to read the label very carefully to know both audio & data are included. - Things like interviews with the artist (movies, anything), in addition audio performances.

It makes a great promo item. In the one I did, we had the full audio for a new classical organ concerto, plus data that included background info, sample pages from the publisher's score, order info, etc.

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