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Find and eliminate photos in iPhoto '09?
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OK, here's the situation:
I use Adobe Lightroom 2 for all my professional photo management. I'm happy!
I use iPhoto for what I find iPhoto to be good at and that is syncing photos to my Apple devices (iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, etc.). I also use it for ordering things like photo books, calendars, etc.
I'm happy!

My workflow is that when I'm done with a shoot in Lightroom, I pick my best/favorite shots and export them out as JPEGs to iPhoto.
This works great!

I then put them in the appropriate iPhoto albums or projects (now called keepsakes). So in theory, the only photos I would have in iPhoto are my very best/favorite photos that I'm using to either sync to my devices or have printed in various formats. So far, so good.

However, there are times when I change my mind. For example, I'll start rearranging photos in iPhoto. I'll remove some from some albums and replace them with others/newer ones. (when you remove a photo from an album or from a keepsake, it doesn't remove it from iPhoto). While this isn't really a problem, I'm now seeing several "orphaned" photos. I consider a photo in iPhoto to be an orphan if it's no longer being used in an album or keepsake. It's in the library, but not being used. Since it's not being used in either of those two cases, it's wasting space in my mind. The fewer photos I have in iPhoto, the happier I am. Also the app runs at a nice speedy pace with fewer photos.

So, how do I find the photos and delete them from iPhoto if they are not being used in an album or keepsake?

As a test I created a Smart Album with the criteria "Album is Not Any" and that found 385 photos. However, that doesn't mean that those photos (or some of them at least) aren't being used in keepsakes. Even if I did want to delete all 385, you can't delete photos in a smart album - duh!

There has to be a way right?

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Hmmm. I've been seeing your post for a few days now, and noticed that no one seems to have an easy answer. Maybe there isn't one.

I don't have the latest version of iPhoto (but, version 4), so I can't really nose around to see if there is an easier way to do it.

Based on the version that I have, I can only see two ways to approach it. View the main Library, and selectively delete the photos that you don't want. Could be time-consuming.

Another option, again time-consuming - might be to Export individual albums (or keepsakes, as you referred to them). Once you've Exported all of the current albums (probably into separate folders) - it would be a matter of going back to the main Library, selecting all of the photos in it - delete them - and start from scratch by Importing the albums that you exported.

This probably isn't much help, but was the only option that I could think of (at least with the old version that I have).
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