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multiple iphoto libraries
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I have two iphoto libraries (on different user names) that Id like to merge. My guest sn has an inclusive list from years 2003 to 2005 that I imported from another program (iview) using iphoto6 alias preference. All my keywords were retained in this transfer and the original photo files are on my hardrive organized how I want them. My main sn has all these pictures,but with photo files duplicated into the iphoto library and with incomplete keywords.. plus additional keyworded pictures from years 2005-06, plus some scanned pictures from earlier dates. I'd like to know if there is a way to merge the two libraries. I want to add just the photos from my main sn (that arent already in the guest sn) to the guest sn's.. and if possible relocate the 05-06 pictures into the same folder structure as my earlier ones (aliased to iphoto and not in the iphoto library)

I'm told that holding the option key when starting iphoto 06 will give a dialogue box to create a new iphoto library. When I tried this it just opened iphoto the same as always? Has anyone had any experience with multiple libraries? Is it still necessary to use a 3rd party program like iphoto library manager?

Any suggstions?
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Yes... Pickup a copy of iPhoto Library Manager.

It is an indespensible tool for keeping your libraries organized and in a manageable size to back up, remove, and restore images.

A very handy, and I repeat, indespensible app.


Junebug Clark / Denton, TX
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