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iLife 07?
Hello everyone,

I'm brand new to the board and have to pose this question.

Like most of you, I was a little surprised that a new iLife suite was not announced at Macworld. Now, do think the main reason for the lack of announcement is 1. not to pull any attention from the iphone or 2. the highly anticipated iDVD HD is not ready because of the lack of Blu-Ray burner and/or Leopard intensive?


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Probably to avoid conflict with iPhone. Of course, it may not be ready yet either.

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My guess is that iLife '07 wasn't ready yet AND Steve didn't want to take away from the iPhone announcement. I also think that Apple will announce Blu-ray drives by Spring. No need brining out iDVD HD if there are no drives to burn high-def DVDs on. We may even seen an external drive branded by Apple as I think other than Mac Pro customers, it would be too expensive of an option to build in and make standard on all Macs. However, Apple has surprised me before. So we'll see.

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