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iOS 11 iPad only feature
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At our October meeting during Q&A, it was brought up that iOS 11 gives the iPad a new feature that that shows you characters on the keyboard you can enable by "flicking up". This time saver brings more functionality to the User.

A member wondered why it isn't on the iPhone or is it a hidden feature? I thought it was available on the iPhone 6S or higher. Another member thought they heard it was only available on the iPhone 8.

We were both incorrect about this. Another much research, it appears that this is iPad specific. That makes a lot of sense do to the larger keyboard of the iPad.

The iPhone does have the new Quicktype keyboard that allows for one typing on either the left or right side of the iPhone in the messages app. Thumb typers can rejoice in this feature now!

Dave McGuire
President - MacGroup Detroit

"What if the Hokey Pokey really IS what it's all about?"
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I was not able to attend that meeting. What exactly does this new keyboard on the iPad do?
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Just wondering about the "flicking up" to access other characters. On my iPad I have to pull down to select the characters. Is this something that can be selected as an option as to whether you flick up or flick down or am I just misinterpreting what you meant?
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From the member who suggested that this was
an iPad only feature Wink...
The iPhone keyboards are just too small...

Nina, you are correct, Dave means flick down. Smile
Also, pressing the key for a moment, will give
to you other glyphs to select, if available.

Donna, the new keyboard displays glyphs
(1, &, ", etc.) that you would normally have to
select multiple keys (Shift, Command, etc.)
to access. Now you see them in a lighter color
and flick the key down to enter them into typing.
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