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hd camcorder software
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I need some suggestions for software which would transfer an avchd file from the hd camcorder and burn it in hd quality. The camera has internal and flash memory. I am not interested in editing at this point. I was all set to go with Roxio Titanium 10 until I read some awful reviews. I realize that I would also have to purchase the hd/blu-ray plug-in. I also read that imovie9 does not do this very well. I do not have a blu-ray burner, but have researched that about 25 minutes of full hd can be burned to a single disc which will play on a blu-ray player which I have.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Hi Rhonda, your options are (unless someone knows something new that I don't):

1) Use Toast 10 Titanium with the (optional) High Def/Blu-ray Plug-in to burn your AVCHD content onto a standard DVD (or Blu-ray if you have the burner) and play it back in high def on a compatible Blu-ray PLAYER. <- probably your best option for what you said you wanted to do.

2) Use Premiere Pro CS4 (which includes Encore CS4) to edit and author a Blu-ray disc (which requires a Blu-ray burner).

3) Use Premiere Pro CS4 to natively edit your AVCHD content (you don't have to really edit the footage actually, just bring it onto the timeline long enough to export it out) and export out an HD .MP4 file using the Adobe Media Encoder CS4 (included) that will play in HD (720p) on an Apple TV or perhaps a PS3 (I've not tested this on a PS3 yet).

This may also be done with the latest iMovie, Final Cut Express and Final Cut Pro, but it will require transcoding (converting) to QuickTime first. Apple doesn't currently provide any software to burn HD content to a disc and keep it HD playable on a Blu-ray drive.

These are the only three options that I'm aware of today to do HD authoring/burning on a Mac.

P.S. Also don't forget that many of the AVCHD camcorders do have HDMI out to connect right to an HDTV to playback on. So if the footage doesn't need to be edited, this may be a quick solution just to watch what you've recorded in HD.

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One of my clients uses iMovie 6 and Toast to make excellent Blu-ray content DVDs.

The biggest problem with Toast is lack of tutorial material as is available with iMovie. Next is rather unimaginative themes. Otherwise, it is fine.

Look for a deal from Roxio. They often include the BD plug-in as part of a special.

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