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Taking clips from a DVD
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I want to take clips off of a DVD (not copy protected) . Quick Time could make the clip but would not save it. What program would work?
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Handbrake should do the trick.

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MPEG Streamclip (free) is the best and most versatile tool for this task.
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Once you have the clips then what? Are you going to edit them or use them as is? Presentation, into another movie project, etc.?

Getting the clips is one thing, but depending on what you want to do with them, you may need them in a particular format.

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It depends on the video quality you want, and how much time and trouble you want to spend.

Documentation, your available time, and the learning curve are also factors to take into consideration. If you can obtain the original video material, you should use it. DVD encoding is not lossless, and the image degrades through multiple encoding/decoding sequences. You'll still need a video editor with most of these tools (e.g., iMovie). Even well documented video tools require substantial tinkering to get what you want.

SnapZ Pro X 2.X is a medium cost, variable quality method of grabbing video off your screen. It does offer some unique features other software may not offer (like following a cursor, frame rate selection, etc.). It doesn't perform video editing, but obviously performs scene extraction. It outputs various video formats, some high quality (consumer & professional) video formats, and some are "moving still" picture formats (e.g., JPEG2000). I've had some difficulties in getting good looking video with SnapZ Pro, but it's the quickest & easiest to use tool available. The user interface is a bit difficult to use precisely.

Handbrake is FREE, and it extracts and converts video and audio. The most recent version offers medium quality (consumer) decoding. It doesn't offer un-copy protection (officially), and can "create" work if all you want is a short scene (because you have to extract an entire chapter, or if there aren't chapters, the entire movie, with Handbrake). It offers a limited number of output formats, none of high quality, but often adequate. It doesn't perform video editing.

MactheRipper can still be obtained; it un-copy protects DVD's. That's all - no extraction or format conversion. It's FREE.

Miraizon Cinematize 2.x tools offer a great deal of flexibility - at a cost. Cinematize versions offer high quality (consumer & professional) video formats. Cinematize extracts and converts video and audio. You can extract short scenes from Cinematize using its preview feature. This is VERY helpful. It doesn't perform video editing or un-copy protection (officially).

I don't know much about Wondershare DVD Ripper for Mac, but apparently it is shareware, and allows scene extraction and some video editing.

There are probably other applications also.

I ripped a copy protected chapter from a commercial DVD today (that I own, as an experiment). The chapter was 5:37 minutes long. Handbrake 0.7.1 took 39+ minutes, and Cinematize 2.x took 18 minutes. Choose the correct version of Handbrake for your needs. Older versions of Handbrake for PPC processors running Tiger are somewhat hidden on the website.
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