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What do YOU want to see announced at MacWorld?
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Time for the Play at Home game that is sweeping the internet!

Really.... what would YOU like to see announced?

UltraPortable Flashbased notebook?
Improved AppleTV (w/surround sound)?
Upgradable Mac Mini tower?
iTunes Movie rentals?
New version of the iPhone?
Newton-type device?


Dave McGuire
President - MacGroup Detroit

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I want Apple to announce their great new partnership with a major auto manufacturer(s?) to put Apple derived system Big Grin like/better than Ford's Microsoft powered SYNC "voice activated In-Car technology".

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New Cinema Displays, or better yet, an Apple HDTV.
Dell and NEC have both recently introduced new wide gamut color displays. The NEC has 102% of NTSC color and 98% of Adobe RGB 1998 color.

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Past President
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OK, here's my take on Macworld 2008 plus a 60 second version of Steve's keynote video.


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They should do 60 sec summaries of all future keynotes Big Grin .....BTW there are more 60 sec clips after the keynote summary

I need to include the following terms in all future presentations that I have to do at work...

Better, Better, and Better......
Extraordinary, Incredible, Tremendous, Amazing, Unprecedented, Great, Revolutionary, Unbelievable, Most Successful Big Grin


Go AAPL ..... :-)

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